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Link Expander is a service where you can find out where the destination of a shortened URL will take you to before clicking on the link. By examining the link prior to clicking, you’ll have more of a chance of avoiding phishing, malware, and viruses by examining short URLs before visiting them. You’ll have more of an idea if this website is safe or not!


  • PHP 5.5 or higher with cURL
  • Installation

  • Copy files to your server or hosting.
  • That much.
  • Changelog

    Version 1.2 10/06/2018
    New template
    Script working with AJAX now
    Now you can show title, description, keywords, image of long URL.
    Version 1.1 9/07/2017
    *Fixed that the result URL is not responsive
    Version 1.0 7/07/2017

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